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Bringing you one step ahead. With the success in Nepal, we’ve expanded ourselves to Santa Clara, California, USA, for better services and opportunities for you. Probably the first agency that serves you from both the countries-your home country, Nepal and your study destination country, USA! We offer a range of consulting services, all customized to help your study goals reach its potential. Whether you’re looking for a small sized or completely large universities, partial or full scholarships, we have you covered. Our services are available based on your academic background and test scores so you can get precisely what you need.

Message from managing Director

Hanami International Educational Pvt. Ltd. is an educational institute which was established to give student knowledge about Japanese Language. Japanese Culture & better counseling. Studying Japanese means learning a language that is so different from English & Nepali that it will make you rethink your most basic assumptions about the way language works. It means learning to conjugate your verbs according not just to tense but also to politeness.

Message From Chairman

Hanami International Educational Pvt.Ltd. is passionate about helping student to reach their goals through quality education. It is a professionally managed overseas education consultancy established with an aim to materializing the dreams of Nepalese students to secure admissions to some of the best colleges/universities in Japan to pursuit of their higher education. As I was living and studying in Japan . I have got a lots of experience in Japan.

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ONE STOP SOLUTION FOR ALL YOUR JAPANESE STUDY NEEDS Hanami is an astute institute dedicated to provide an ecstatic opportunities and career advances for the students who are looking to pursue their higher studies in Japan. Our team of devoted and profess…

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