Message from managing Director

Hanami International Educational Pvt. Ltd. is an educational institute which was established to give student knowledge about Japanese Language. Japanese Culture & better counseling. Studying Japanese means learning a language that is so different from English & Nepali that it will make you rethink your most basic assumptions about the way language works. It means learning to conjugate your verbs according not just to tense but also to politeness. It means getting used to the idea that adjectives can have a past tense. It means doing without plurals, choosing among dozens of different words for “I,” and learning to wait for the verb until the very end of the sentence. Japanese is difficult in ways that European languages are not, but it is also surprisingly easy in ways that they can be difficult. There is no subjunctive mood to worry about, no grammatical gender, no definite or indefinite articles, and no complex conjugations according to person. It is also extremely easy to pronounce Japanese. Japanese language grammar is somewhat similar to Nepali language grammar and its can be easy for Nepalese students to understand the Japanese grammar. Students of Japanese are often people with an interest in Japan—or at least people who will come into contact with the country through its language, out of personal choice or otherwise. In that sense, the increase in the number of students should probably be welcomed. But we should remember that it is not necessarily impossible to understand Japan without knowing Japanese. Our Institute is focused in production of good language ability of student before they do abroad study in Japan. We welcome each and every student who wants to gain knowledge about Japan and Japanese Language.
Managing Director
Kishor Subedi

花見国際教育学院は、日本語や日本文化についての知識を学生に伝えるために設立された教育機関です。 日本語は英語やネパール語とは大きく異なり、言語の構成について見直すことになります。 ヨーロッパの言語からみると日本語は難しいかもしれませんが、比較的簡単な方法で習得することができます。 日本語とネパール語の文法は似ているので理解しやすく、ネパール人にとっては日本語の発音は難しくありません。 日本語を学ぶ学生の多くは日本に興味を持っていますので、少なくとも言語を通して日本人と触れ合うことになっていくでしょう。 おそらく学生数も増加し進展していくと思いますが、日本語を知らなくても日本を理解することが不可能というわけでは決してありません。 当学院は学生が日本に留学する前に優れた言語習得の成果をあげることに重点を置き、日本と日本語についての知識を手に入れようと望む全ての学生を歓迎します。


キシュオル スベディ