WHY Hanami ?

HANAMI is an astute institute dedicated to provide an ecstatic opportunities and career advances for the students who are looking to pursue their higher studies in Japan.
Our team of devoted and professional teachers/counselors/advisors who understand the requirement of the students, are committed to provide the best learning experience and career counseling.
At Hanami we firmly believe that further education requires proper planning to help students appropriate academic pathway, with that motive we assist students by providing comprehensive information about study opportunities in Japan. We continuously believe in providing professional services to our students. Our teachers/counselors who have the first-hand experience of studying and working in Japan work tirelessly in providing support and proficient skills required for NAT test and JLCT. For last 5 years we have been ensuring all the students are equipped basic Japanese language skills, cultural knowledge as well as professional skills.
We have a very successful history in our services. We are not just motivated commercially but we are committed to provide excellent classes and counseling to the students for their fullest success in future ventures. We firmly believe in service to our students. Our strongly student centered approach to counseling means, we give students the fullest possible information on the all available options to help them make sensible decisions.
We offer prolific range of colleges from various cities of Japan that student can choose from. However. We insist and emphasize on the best suitable option for the student depending on their academic qualifications and financial capabilities.
All institutes claim to provide quality and professional services. However, at Hanami we are not only dedicated for the excellent services but also ensuring our student can achieve their desired goals.


花見では、今後の教育には学生が適切な学業を支援するための適切な計画が必要であると固く信じています。私たちは常に、学生に専門的なサービスを提供することを信じています。日本での直接の学習経験がある教師/カウンセラーは、ナットテストとJLCTに必要なサポートと熟練したスキルを提供することに精力的に取り組んでいます。 過去5年間、すべての生徒が基本的な日本語能力、文化的知識、専門的能力を身に付けられるようにしてきました。


私たちは学生が選ぶことができる日本の様々な都市からの豊富なカレッジを提供しています。 しかしながら。 私たちは、学生の学歴と財務能力に応じて、学生に最適なオプションを主張し、強調します。

すべての日本語学校は、質の高い専門的なサービスを提供すると主張しています。 しかし、花見では、優れたサービスに専念するだけでなく、生徒が希望する目標を達成できるように努めています。