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Why study in Japan?

Japan has one of the best education systems in the world. Japan has long prioritized education as a means of fostering economic growth and it has worked magnificently making it one of the strongest nations financially and educationally. Japan’s cutting-edge innovation and commitment to research and development, combined with a hunger to be the most forward-thinking and innovative country in the world has led Japanese education system as a force to be reckon with. Japan offers wide range of universities and countless vocational and language schools.

Japan is the third strongest economy in the world and life is very comfortable there as a consequence. It’s incredibly safe and clean. Their health system is cheap and efficient. Public transportation is reliable. Locals are known to be very welcoming, respectful and polite. Japan boasts some of the most spectacular natural views in the world. Food is very healthy. Unemployment is low. In short: it’s safe, clean and the people are happy. What more could one ask for?

Since Japan has such a powerful economy, companies abroad look to the Japanese market with interest and will therefore hire people with an international profile.The Japanese job market is extremely fluid. And the demand for language-skilled, international-oriented people is always strong. There are also fantastic work skills to be gained in Japan. When applying for a job, foreign candidates must undergo the rigorous Japanese job search process, along with the etiquette that goes along with it. Students will also learn some of these skills while at school. These experiences offer valuable experience with customs and behaviors that open doors in the world at large.

Japanese language is not that difficult. One be fluent in Japanese language within a year. Each year, thousands of international students graduate from Japanese language schools, mastering the language. Schools in Japan know how to do it: their students enroll knowing little or no Japanese. They leave being fluent. Of course, that requires dedication and hard work. Knowing the language will open many doors and career opportunities. Further, the Japanese language is much more than the usual language skills. The non-verbal cues are extremely important to communicate in Japan. Becoming familiar to that enhances communication skills wherever.

Compared to other popular destinations for abroad studies like US, UK, Australia, Japan is quite cheap. Likewise the cost of living is very low with outstanding healthcare systems.

Japan is unique in many ways. Studying in Japan will bring more than a new language and/or a new degree. One will learn on a personal level. But one can also discover a new culture, new arts, and new hobbies maybe, a new way of life for sure, combining traditions and modernism. In no other country anyone experiences such contrasts than in Japan. Japan is technologically advanced and deeply rooted in traditions and culture as well. And yet a unique, harmonious and serene environment. Japanese culture is ingrained in business too. Japanese creativity makes for reputed engineering and famous designers.

Simply put Life in Japan is great.

Why choose Hanami?


Hanami is an astute institute dedicated to provide an ecstatic opportunities and career advances for the students who are looking to pursue their higher studies in Japan.

Our team of devoted and professional teachers/counselors/advisors who understand the requirement of the students, are committed to provide the best learning experience and career counseling.

At Hanami we firmly believe that further education requires proper planning to help students appropriate academic pathway, with that motive we assist students by providing comprehensive information about study opportunities in Japan. We continuously believe in providing professional services to our students. Our teachers/counselors who have the first-hand experience of studying and working in Japan work tirelessly in providing support and proficient skills required for NAT test. For last 3 years we have been ensuring all the students are equipped basic Japanese language skills, cultural knowledge as well as professional skills.

We have a very successful history in our services. We are not just motivated commercially but we are committed to provide excellent classes and counseling to the students for their fullest success in future ventures. We firmly believe in service to our students. Our strongly student centered approach to counseling means, we give students the fullest possible information on the all available options to help them make sensible decisions.

We offer prolific range of colleges from various cities of Japan that student can choose from. However. We insist and emphasize on the best suitable option for the student depending on their academic qualifications and financial capabilities.

All institutes claim to provide quality and professional services. However, at Hanami we are not only dedicated for the excellent services but also ensuring our student can achieve their desired goals.





日本語はそれほど難しくありません。 1年以内に日本語を堪能してください。毎年何千人もの留学生が日本語を勉強し、習得します。日本の学校はそれを行う方法を知っています:彼らの学生は日本語を少しでも知っていますか?彼らは流暢なままです。もちろん、それは献身と勤勉を必要とします。言語を知ることで、多くの扉やキャリアが開かれます。さらに、日本語は通常の語学スキル以上のものです。


日本は多くの点でユニークです。日本での留学は、新しい言語や新しい学位以上のものをもたらします。 1つは、個人レベルで学習します。しかし、新しい文化、新しい芸術、新しい趣味、おそらく伝統とモダニズムを組み合わせた新しい生活様式を発見することもできます。他の国では誰も日本とは対照的な対照をしています。日本は技術的に進歩しており、伝統や文化にも深く根ざしています。そして、ユニークで調和のとれた穏やかな環境です。日本の文化はビジネスにも浸透しています。日本のクリエイティビティは評判の高い工学と有名なデザイナーのためのものです。

単にLife in Japanは素晴らしいです。